Tier V Petition

Change.org is gathering signatures to petition Congress to add another tier of unemployment benefits. (No, the just-passed legislation doesn’t do a thing for people like me who have just exhausted their 99 weeks of benefits – even though there aren’t any jobs for us.)

You would think we wouldn’t have to shame Democrats into standing up for those who need help, but apparently we do. Please, go sign the petition!


Senators and Representatives:

You have decided to ignore the people you reduced to poverty. The longest unemployed workers did not create this depression, you did. You did this with your failure to regulate the banks, health industry, and corporations. People who were fully employed, paying taxes, and raising families are now paying the price for your negligence. They trusted you to keep something like this from happening. You failed them.

Now you are deliberately failing them again. This may be a recession for you, but it’s a depression for them. You know this depression will last longer than until March, yet you have no plans to add additional unemployment tiers to keep these people from becoming increasingly destitute. Tens of thousands will begin to lose all financial support on March 14. You know with full clarity that these benefits are the only money keeping food on their tables. You know that their benefits run out in March, and that these American families will be on the path to shelters and soup kitchens.

…and this is not of their making. They’re not to blame. You are.
…and you’re about to discount them again by allowing their benefits to end with Tier IV.

By the way, don’t pride yourself on extending the current benefits for the more recently unemployed, as included in the Job Bill. Of course you should do this, but as you know, the bill as it is written will not help any of those who have been the longest and hardest hit by this depression. The Job Bill only half addresses the unemployed, and 50% is an F.

Please make sure that the only choice for Americans who want to work is either a job or unemployment benefits. Don’t end benefits until there are jobs for them. As of now, there is only 1 job for every 6 unemployed workers. Take care of these victims. ADD A TIER V.

[Your name]

4 thoughts on “Tier V Petition

  1. Yesterday I received my last check – with a note that I AM still eligible for one more extension.
    You and I started UI around the same time (July 08), so unless you’re state doesn’t go all the way up to 99 weeks, you should also still be eligible for the last/fourth 6-week extension.

  2. I got a letter saying I was shit out of luck, but that they would notify me if I became eligible for anything else. They told me I already used up the last 6-week extension. Apparently your state’s weeks are longer than the state of New Jersey!

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