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  1. “I’m not backing down,” she said. “People would pay the doctor with a chicken in the old days.”

    Sure. There were also debtors prisons too, the the old days. And any African American and Native American could be arrested on sight, charged with vagrancy, and sentenced by a court to work in indentured servitude for five years, for whomever bid on the contract. Oh, hell, let’s bring back slavery. That taught people respect.

    The mind reels. Harry Reid must be blessed, to have such an opponent challenging him.

  2. Someone should ask her for a date or time period to clarify when “the old days” were. May have worked when you dealt with one doctor in an office in his home, but how to barter chickens for a high tech surgery with a 10-person or more surgery team and a hospital. Yes, the stupid burns.

  3. Hey, its Nevada. Maybe you put the chickens on the crap table and roll the dice. Once you win enough chips, you pay for the surgical team. Or lose your chickens.

  4. The DCCC is planning to unveil a website this afternoon to be called “Chickens for Checkups”. According to references at other blogs, there will be a listing of items and what they could be offered for among other things. I haven’t found a web address yet.

  5. As I told someone today, when I asked my doctor how much she charged for an office visit if you’re non-insured, she said she didn’t know. She asked her office manager, and she didn’t know, either.

  6. That system is pre-Columbian, going back to the heyday of Chichen Itza. If people didn’t have enough chichens to pay the doctor, they were taken up to the top of the pyramid and sacrificed — itza the truth.

  7. I still don’t get what people think is so stupid about proposing a modern barter system, trading goods for services. A lot of folks do off-the-books stuff like this all over the country, heck, all over the world. I’d love for my husband to be able to “pay” a doctor by, for instance, designing a mural or other artwork for hir office. Using the “chicken” analogy is good for a cheap laugh, but seriously, what’s so ridiculous about a barter system?

  8. Elayne, I agree with you. Except when a Republican Senatorial candidate proposes it as a viable healthcare system instead of an emergency arrangement (which it is), and misses the point that the people who need the health care don’t have the money to pay for it, well, it becomes a little extreme.

  9. I am becoming quite worried about the increasing trend of criminalizing everything in the United States and around the world. While many laws are necessary, life is becoming so regulated that almost everything humans do is becoming illegal.

    Americans like to say they love freedom, but there are few freedoms left in the US. The government is tightening the noose to strangle Americans with ever-increasing nanny state laws so much that the US is starting to look like North Korea.

    Most of the following actions have been outlawed just in my lifetime:

    Fast food restaurants have been banned.


    Feeding homeless people has become a crime.


    Sex tourism has been outlawed.


    Sex offenders have been required to register with the police and are forbidden from living near schools and parks.


    Sex offenders can be be held for life under indefinite civil commitment laws even after they complete their original sentences.


    Drug users have been banned from receiving welfare or student aid.


    The US Constitution has been overruled by the Patriot Act that has legalized wiretaps without a warrant and allows the government to deport
    and strip any American of his or her citizenship.


    Guantanamo has been used to keep and torture suspected terrorists without trial.


    Domestic violence abusers having been banned from having guns.


    Mandatory seat belt use laws have been enacted.


    DUI and drug checkpoints have been allowed.



    Governments are now allowed to seize the property of suspected prostitution clients, drug users, and drunk drivers.


    “John TV” shows that embarrass and punish people arrested on prostitution charges are now allowed.


    The US now has a secret panel “kill list” of Americans who are targeted to be assassinated without a trial.


    Car owners are now required to have liability insurance.


    Americans are not allowed to travel to Cuba.


    People who owe child support are not allowed to have passports.


    People who have defaulted student loans are not allowed to have professional licenses.


    The US is one of the few countries that has the death penalty.


    Americans must report any currency that they carry over $10,000.


    Americans must pay sales taxes on services.


    Americans must now pay sales taxes on mail-order products shipped from other states.


    Americans must pay US taxes on worldwide income.


    Americans must also pay income taxes to foreign countries when they work overseas.


    Americans must pay taxes on gifts given and received.



    The drinking age has been raised.


    Drunk driving has been outlawed.


    Homeowners cannot rent rooms in their homes.


    Debtors with defaulted student loans are forbidden from having driver licenses.


    Child seats are now required in cars with toddlers.


    Americans cannot have US or foreign bank accounts while living overseas.


    Americans who do have overseas bank accounts must report them to the US government every year.


    Adultery is illegal.


    Foreign workers are forbidden from working in many countries.


    Unmarried couples may not live together.


    Oral sex is illegal.


    Some countries require websites to be licensed by the government.


    Panhandling is illegal.


    Loitering is illegal.


    Homeowners are legally required to mow their lawns.


    There is now a 5 year lifetime limit on welfare.


    Bankruptcy has been outlawed.


    Watering and not watering lawns are both illegal.



    Fat taxes are being added to food.


    Smoking indoors, in parks, at beaches, and on public transportation has been made illegal.


    Sales of cigarettes to minors has been outlawed.


    Airline passengers can now be added to “no-fly” lists, searched, and required to have an ID.


    Driving while using a mobile phone has been banned.


    Americans are now required by law to have health insurance.


    Cars are required to have air bags.


    Americans are now required to have a passport to visit Canada and Mexico.


    The minimum driving age has been raised.


    Enough is enough. If you care about your freedom, write your elected officials. Governments would love to take away all your freedom if they could. Our freedoms are diminishing, not growing. Stand up, fight for your rights, and protect our freedom now!




    First they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, but I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me, but there was no one left to speak for me.

    If only one person is not free, then no one is free.

    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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