5 thoughts on “Now We Know

  1. I remember Carter’s efforts on many fronts. Problem was, he was too much like right; and his presidency failed because of 21% interest rates, the Iranian hostage crisis (and a failed mission to rescue the hostages, too boot), the Ted Kennedy challenge, poor military and domestic advice—–but one helluva good man while he was there. He did, however, bring the Egyptains and Israelis’ to the table to sign a historic peace treaty that’s still effective to this day. In spite of his shortcomings, I’ll always admire him.

  2. Jimmy Carter was right. He was pretty much always right. I have said for decades that he was the best president of my lifetime and that was his downfall. I’ve also said for decades that if we had listened to Carter on energy policy the country would not be in the mess we’re in and we wouldn’t have to care about the middle east at all, let alone getting mixed up in its wars and disasters.

  3. me and my dad put extra insulation in the attic for the tax credit back in the day.
    before we did it, the snow never stayed on our roof cuz all the heat was going out of the house. Afterward, there was always a thick blanket of snow on the roof–thus showing the effectiveness.
    Nevertheless, my Father always hated Carter and said “Reagan saved the country.” But I bet he saved more from that insulation over the years in terms of utilities and such than any tax cut provided by Reagan.
    What do they say on the simpsons about Carter, “History’s Greatest Monster” or something?

  4. Carter is indeed the best we’ve ever had. Anyone that pontificates otherwise is a useless, gormless, don’t-get-me-started.

    It coulda, woulda, shoulda been.

  5. It’s depressing to be reminded of this, and to realize what right-wing enablers the establishment media are.
    And there’s no sign that things will get better.

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