5 thoughts on “Act of Conscience

  1. This statement from the report is enough for me “Israel refuses to allow paper and supplies in for the children”. No civilized and/or moral nation in the 21st century should ever allow this to be official policy. If the Isreali’s are, in fact, God’s “chosen people”, then goddammit save the children—Palestinian, or otherwise— if you do nothing else!

  2. BLOODYISRAEL again, is all I can say. If it starts the conflict with it’s choosen target leave them hanging out to dry in their own blood for once!

  3. You’re doubting the morality of a country that ran over a girl with a bulldozer?

    She was blocking the way, and refused to move.
    She should be glad that they didn’t kill her whole family and circle of friends.
    OK, technically she couldn’t be glad since she was dead, but you know what I mean.

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