Boycott Arizona

Really. Just screw ’em.

You want to live in your little police state, pissing and moaning about how your state is under “siege” by the people you’re paying under the table to work on your lawns and golf courses? Fine, do it without our help.

Your teams all suck, anyway.

11 thoughts on “Boycott Arizona

  1. As an AZ transplant, I totally agree with you! There is a small vocal segment that derives their ego satisfaction from putting down the people who have been here MUCH longer than them!

  2. By the Time I Get to Arizona
    Ridenhour – Robertz – Gary G-Wiz – Depper – Mandrill – Santiago

    I’m countin’ down to the day deservin’
    Fittin’ for a king
    I’m waitin’ for the time when I can
    Get to Arizona
    ‘Cause my money’s spent on
    The goddamn rent
    Neither party is mine not the
    Jackass or the elephant
    20.000 nig niggy nigas in the corner
    Of the cell block but they come
    From California
    Population none in the desert and sun
    Wit’ a gun cracker
    Runnin’ things under his thumb
    Starin’ hard at the postcards
    Isn’t it odd and unique?
    Seein’ people smile wild in the heat
    120 degree
    ‘Cause I wanna be free
    What’s a smilin’ fact
    When the whole state’s racist
    Why want a holiday F–k it ’cause I wanna
    So what if I celebrate it standin’ on a corner
    I ain’t drinkin’ no 40
    I B thinkin’ time wit’ a nine
    Until we get some land
    Call me the trigger man
    Looki lookin’ for the governor
    Huh he ain’t lovin’ ya
    But here to trouble ya
    He’s rubbin’ ya wrong
    Get the point come along
    An he can get to the joint
    I urinated on the state
    While I was kickin’ this song
    Yeah, he appear to be fair
    The cracker over there
    He try to keep it yesteryear
    The good ol’ days
    The same ol’ ways
    That kept us dyin’
    Yes, you me myself and I’ndeed
    What he need is a nosebleed
    Read between the lines
    Then you see the lie
    Politically planned
    But understand that’s all she wrote
    When we see the real side
    That hide behind the vote
    They can’t understand why he the man
    I’m singin’ ’bout a king
    They don’t like it
    When I decide to mike it
    Wait I’m waitin’ for the date
    For the man who demands respect
    ‘Cause he was great c’mon
    I’m on the one mission
    To get a politician
    To honor or he’s a gonner
    By the time I get to Arizona

    I got 25 days to do it
    If a wall in the sky
    Just watch me go thru it
    ‘Cause I gotta do what I gotta do
    PE number one
    Gets the job done
    When it’s done and over
    Was because I drove’er
    Thru all the static
    Not stick but automatic
    That’s the way it is
    He gotta get his
    Talin’ MLK
    Gonna find a way
    Make the state pay
    Lookin’ for the day
    Hard as it seems
    This ain’t no damn dream
    Gotta know what I mean
    It’s team against team
    Catch the light beam
    So I pray
    I pray everyday
    I do and praise jah the maker
    Lookin’ for culture
    I got but not here
    From jah maker
    Pushin’ and shakin’ the structure
    Bringin’ down the babylon
    Hearin’ the sucker
    That make it hard for the brown
    The hard Boulova
    I need now
    More than ever now
    Who’s sittin’ on my freedah’
    Opressor people beater
    Piece of the pick
    We picked a piece
    Of land that we deservin’ now
    Reparation a piece of the nation
    And damn he got the nerve
    Another niga they say and classify
    We want too much
    My peep plus the whole nine is mine
    Don’t think I even double dutch
    Here’s a brother my attitude hit ’em
    Hang ’em high
    Blowin’ up the 90s started tickin’ 86
    When the blind get a mind
    Better start and earn while we sing it
    There will be the day we know those down and who will go

  3. Though I long ago tired of asking to see a white-eye’s green card, skippy(ysd) (actually George) today said it best – will the the Navajo and Hopi (and Apache!, who-rah) police be able to arrest anyone who they don’t think ‘belongs’ in Arizona?

  4. Also, bear in mind that Obama knew that the Republican secty of state would succeed Napolitano when he decided to make her Secty of Homeland Security.

    Great move there, Mr. President. Bug or feature?

    I still cringe at the “homeland” crap terminology.

  5. These new state anti-abortion laws are Republican Death Panels. “We’ll watch her until she is truly at death’s door.”

  6. Arizona can pass race base laws, pass Birthers laws and the state can continue to boycott Martin Luther King Day, well the rest of the Country can boycott the state of Arizona and spank them where it hurts them the most their pocket book. Their phony patriotism is sickening, they are just racists going by another name. We all know you are just itching to put a sheet on their head? Let’s face it the Republicans had eight years to deal with health care, immigration, climate change and financial oversight and governance and they failed. It appears that the Republican Party is only good at starting wars (two in eight years, with fat War profiteering contracts to friends of Cheney/Bush) but not at winning wars as seen by the continuing line of body bags that keep coming home. The Republicans party will continue turned inward to their old fashion obstructionist party (and their Confederacy appreciation roots) because they continue to allow a small portions (but very loud portion) of their party of “birthers, baggers and blowhards” to rule their party. I will admit that this fringe is very good at playing “Follow the Leader” by listening to their dullard leaders, Beck, Hedgecock, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush, Savage, Sarah Bailin, Orly Taitz, Victoria Jackson, Michele Bachmann and the rest of the Blowhards and acting as ill programmed robots (they have already acted against doctors that perform abortions). The Birthers and the Tea party crowd think they can scare, intimidate and force others to go along with them by comments like “This time we came unarmed”, let me tell you something not all ex-military join the fringe militia crazies who don’t pay taxes and run around with face paint in the parks playing commando, the majority are mature and understand that the world is more complicated and grey than the black and white that these simpleton make it out to be and that my friend is the point. The world is complicated and people like Hamilton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt believed that we should use government a little to increase social mobility, now it’s about dancing around the claim of government is the problem. The sainted Reagan passed the biggest tax increase in American history and as a result federal employment increased, but facts are lost when mired in mysticism and superstition. For a party that gave us Abraham Lincoln, it is tragic that the ranks are filled with too many empty suits and the crazy Birthers who have not learned that the way our courts work is that you get a competent lawyer, verifiable facts and present them to a judge, if the facts are real and not half baked internet lies, then, and only then, do you proceed to trial. The Birthers seem to be having a problem with their so called “facts”. Let’s face it no one will take the Birthers seriously until they win a case, but until then, you will continue to appear dumb, crazy or racist, or maybe all three. I heard that Orly Taitz now wants to investigate the “Republican 2009 Summer of Love” list: Assemblyman, Michael D. Duvall (CA), Senator John Ensign (NV), Senator Paul Stanley (TN), Governor Mark Stanford (SC), Board of Ed Chair, and Kristin Maguire AKA Bridget Keeney (SC), she wants to re-establish a family values party, that’s like saying that the Catholic Church cares about the welling being of children in their care, too late for that.

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