Doctor Shopping

So I finally got a number out of my old doctor’s office for what it would cost to be seen without insurance: $125.

Then I called the doctor’s office down the street, the one I really wanted but didn’t take my insurance. Office visit: $40.

Now how much is that in chickens?

5 thoughts on “Doctor Shopping

  1. Fucking shame. A friend of mine who migrated here, but is a Brazilian national, called this morning to see if I could arrange a buddy pass for her to fly back to Brazil. She’s seriously ill and doesn’t have any medical insurance. So, I asked her why she’s planning a round trip to come back here? Her response was that as a Brazilian citizen she gets FREE medical care. No chickens needed!

  2. Well, the office visit charge isn’t bad, less than some co-pays. But…

    But, any lab work will be higher, etc.

    This is so awful. We could have had Medicare lowered to include those not yet 65…with a real Democratic president and even this wimpy Democratic Congress.

    I am so angry, so furious that people like you and so many others (probably me very soon) are in this terrible situation.
    Damn it, damn it, damn it.

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