5 thoughts on “A Public Spanking

  1. Sociopathy (lack of conscience on a grand scale) seems to be a pre-req for Goldman SUCKS !!!!! Sorry just the tip of the ol’ iceberg, is what they’re showing us. After mid-terms much, much, much more shit to reveal, I’d bet on it! I wonder how much the EU likes being ‘punked’ once again by the $$$$$$$ men in suits??? I’d expect lots more action across the pond, like UK catching up with Dr. David Kelley’s murder/murderer and sealing it for 70yrs. We all know it was sociopath Cheney.

  2. Jail is appropriate, but restitution is vital. They need to be stripped to the bone financially – homes, yachts, and art collections sold at auction, Swiss and Cayman Island bank accounts seized, stock holdings turned over to regulators, and all of the proceeds distributed to 401k holders, mortgage victims, and long-term unemployed.

  3. Agreed! Jail is where they belong, big time. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for THAT to happen. Hell, Ensign and some of his buddies on the Senate panel could be their cellmates.

  4. Feather pillows + driveway sealer = tar & feathers. Might be helpful to pop the bubble these guys live in. It would make for great TV too!

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