BP has such nice commercials, don’t they? Somehow you get the idea that there’s nothing better for the environment than an oil company.

Until you read about all the engineering documents no one approved for the oil rig that’s now pumping a massive mess into the Gulf of Mexico.

And would it surprise you to know that deregulating oil rigs was one of the topics of those secret meetings between Dick Cheney and the oil companies? They got exactly what they wanted.

Greed wins — again! But maybe not for good this time.

5 thoughts on “Whistleblower

  1. I took part in a survey some time ago. One gave their ‘impression,’ how one ‘felt’ about the thing as it went along. Flowers, kids playing in meadows, how great alternative energy was and then would come the announcement of BP (or Whatever Oil) working for a better future. You can imagine the responses, feel good, feel good, feel good, AAhhh! bad, bad. You notice you hardly see the Oil company connection in the ads on now. Market research pays.

  2. To reiterate… while the George W ‘Lips’ Bush presidency may indeed go down in U.S. history as The Worst Presidency Ever, make no mistake, mark no error, The Cheney Administration accomplished everything it set out to.

  3. Well, not quite everything — they didn’t manage to privatize social security or find Osama Bin Laden.
    Then again, maybe they didn’t really want to find Osama.

  4. And now there’s Obama, looking forward not backward* when it comes to executive branch malfeasance. Sweeeet, says Ol’ Dick.

    If anything good comes out of this terrible disaster, perhaps it will be some of the what BushCo did coming to light. And perhaps Obama will have to take positive corrective action.

    *Unless it’s to punish those who have leaked knowledge of wrongdoing by BushCo

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