They get it in Greece: “Why should the little guy have to pay for what the bankers did?”

And here’s the thing. The exact same thing is happening here. School budgets are being slashed, people are taking salary cuts, local governments are falling apart under the weight of the economic crisis. Why aren’t we out in the streets?

Because the same money men are behind it all. They always have been. And whether you want to believe it or not, it doesn’t matter anymore who’s allegedly in charge – they are:

The crisis in Greece and the European Union in general is exposing the deep flaws within the post-Soviet economic and political structure in Europe. The fires in Athens are a harbinger of a bigger crisis to come, one that Americans will have to pay attention to. But do not count on the U.S. press to honestly report what will happen, or the U.S. government to stand aside in neutrality. The Obama administration is pushing the Europeans and the IMF to get the bailout deal in place quickly, even as right-wing Republicans are screaming they will not support the U.S. paying its portion of the IMF bailout funds.

The people of Greece seem determined they will not pay for the orgy of corruption and double-dealing that has left their economy in tatters. Whether it was Goldman Sachs playing funny with derivatives to help the Greek government to hide its debt, or German companies rushing to buy up newly privatized industries, or the wide-spread corruption of Greek politicians, they are saying something that American workers and middle class might be thinking, and that has some people afraid: “’let the plutocracy pay’…’Why should we, the little man, pay for this crisis?’”

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  1. This reminds me of the Ole West, when banks were robbed and the Pinkertons went after the depositors and shareholders – Oops! they went after the ROBBERS! Why are the innocent victims being hammered. Get the money back from Goldman Sachs!

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