6 thoughts on “Writing

  1. What kind of writing is the workshop about?

    This past week I took a professional fundraising class. It was nice to be back in a professional setting. The teacher had once consulted for the organization I used to work for so I felt better about answering questions and telling the class stories from the organization even though they are all old now.

  2. Boy Susie, I have a lifetime of stories to tell, but I just don’t want to embarass myself in this public forum. Maybe I could use a pseudonym for the byline?

    I could start with the difficulty a young black boy faced in the 50’s attending a northern Catholic school, but folks would have a hard time believing that shit.

    Another interesting topic could be the same black kid, after having graduated Catholic school attending a northwestern Michigan State college and being selected to write on the school newspaper—as the chief sports columnist, no less—at a school whose student body consisted of 20,000 students, and only 120 registered black students. Can you say “institutional rascism at it’s best?”

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