Remember the judge in Luzerne County who owned the detention facility to which he’d sentence juveniles? The report is out, and it’s heartbreaking:

The report described as “Dickensian” the role of former judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr., who ordered children as young as 11 to jail for failure to pay fines, “effectively using the county detention center as a debtor’s prison for children.”

More than half the juveniles who appeared in Ciavarella’s courtroom between 2003 and 2008 did so without counsel, the report said. Witnesses told the commission that Ciavarella had pressured defendants into waiving their right to counsel and even had a table set up outside his courtroom with waiver forms to sign.

The report concluded that many defense attorneys who had appeared before Ciavarella “clearly abdicated their responsibilities” to defend their clients and “protect their due process rights.”

Ah, but they protected their own careers, and that’s the important thing!

3 thoughts on “‘Dickensian’

  1. Oh. My. God. I just can’t imagine being that inhuman and inhumane. I don’t even know what punishment would punish his crimes.

  2. Been paying attention to this since the wheels fell off.

    What no one is reporting or investigating or doing squat about is that this whole shakedown operation has to have been mob approved to go down in Lucerne County.

    I will guarantee you that is not an isolated incident. I will bet that any private prison for children is going to have the same bribes and corruption. The private prisons that have the most convicts with the longest sentences from traceable judges is going to be corrupt.

    There was a rehabilitation ranch out west about 25 or 30 years ago that was basically a “prostitute” training school for average or better looking girls. When too many underage prostitutes started showing up on Powell Blvd in Portland, OR, the ranch was just quietly closed down.

    I lived in Lucerne County and ran with the movers and shakers, I can honestly say that I did not know one person there that I would trust with my wallet out of my sight.

  3. I absolutely agree about the mob connection. Everything in Luzerne County is like that, you’d have to be a moron to miss it.

    Here in Philadelphia, they brought in a judge from Luzerne County to rule on a political case and all the dumbass reporters were saying, “Oh, it’ll be fair, the judge is from all the way up in Luzerne County.” I said, “Are you kidding? It means the case is fixed.” And it was.

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