11 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed

  1. Subarus are too much car, ergo, much more to go wrong and break. Built like tanks and much more than most people need, AWD, etc.

  2. A: Cluck-cluck-clunk.

    Q: What kind of a sound does a chicken make falling down an empty well?

  3. I had a Subaru XT 1987 and a 1/2. They were trying to correct the over corrections that had been made on the 1987 after the disastrous 1986.

    Front wheel drive. Very stable in all kinds of weather. I hated that car with a passion. After 5 years it started eating constant velocity joints at the rate of 4 or 5 a year. A shade tree mechanic showed me how to change it without all of exotic machinery.

    The last time I changed the CV joint, my landlord pulled up and asked what I was doing, being careful to point out that my month to month rent agreement forbade working on cars. He was inside screwing around for about an hour. I was throwing tools and the old CV into the back of the car. He asked, “Just give up on it?” “No, I replaced it. This is probably about the 10th to the 20th that I have replaced. I’ve got it down to just over two hours now. I hate playing car.”

  4. Oh you’re talking about your car. Anyway sent a little something your way for the auto mechanic, podiatrist or trip to the Caymans. Choose . . . wisely.

  5. Oh, I was afraid that was going to be the problem. And I have a loud single CLUNK when I make sharp left turns, so I’m probably facing the same issue. Not going to be fun.

    I need a new car, am afraid of selecting used vehicles, and can’t afford new or used…. Not a good situation, eh?

  6. Just for future reference: If you have a car problem during the school year, many vo-tech mechanics’ programs will work on your car for the cost of the parts.

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