Leaving On An Amtrak

I’m leaving today for D.C. and will be blogging from the America’s Future Now conference (huh? Is that even possible without warping the time-space continuum?)

I went online to get train tickets yesterday and was absolutely astounded at how much prices have gone up in a year. Unfortunately, the Bolt buses are all filled, so I had to cough up.

You think maybe heavily subsidizing trains instead of cars might be a more rational move?

10 thoughts on “Leaving On An Amtrak

  1. Song written by John Denver and first recorded by the Mitchell Trio, after Denver had replaced Chad Mitchell…

  2. Rational, maybe. But much less lucrative for our owners. The entire nation has become one huge company town.

  3. I think regular passenger train service along the Hwy 13 corridor and along Highway 2 would be such a boost to the economy up here in Northern Wisconsin. It would reduce the number of deer-car incidents, too.

  4. How do you get from Philly to DC on regional rail?

    I used to ponder it, because Amtrak was so expensive, but could only get as far as Wilmington via SEPTA.

    (This was pre-Chinatown bus.)

  5. I always thought of it differently, because the NJT-SEPTA connection was so much cheaper on the NYC-Philly run than Amtrak.

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