Tea Party Etc.

John Atlas from the Housing Institute pointed out that the reason the trumped up charges against ACORN worked is that Democratic supporters were so quick to abandon them. He’s right.

Because the right wing supports the team NO MATTER WHAT. ACORN is an organization that’s done an incredible amount of good on housing for the poor and were the most effective voter registration machine around.

We let them die. They didn’t do anything wrong, but because the right wing attacks kicked in and were overwhelming, the Democratic party abandoned one of our most important allies.

Nice work, guys!

2 thoughts on “Tea Party Etc.

  1. you just nailed one of the fundamental flaws of the party. they literally do not stand up for their allies, only themselves.

    it’s one of the main reasons i don’t support the dems anymore. i don’t know if it’s always been like this, but for the past 16 years at least it’s felt like the Democratic Party has seen the relationship as a one way street: we’re expected to help them get into office, and that’s it.

    Not to be too crass about it, but the democratic party reminds me of guys who expect blowjobs but won’t eat pussy.

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