ADD Hell

Traveling always sends my stress levels sky high, and this time was even worse than usual. There were the usual things, like spilling iced chai down the front of my cloths before I got on the train, and several dozen episodes of dropping stuff, banging into things, etc.

Last night the friend I’m staying with lost my laptop, the broken one. Even though it’s broken, I’m afraid someone could still take my personal information. He felt really guilty, so he lent me his today.

As I was leaving his building to catch a cab, I hear his voice. He’s yelling down, “Hey, you forgot your badge!” He’s waving it at me.

I yelled back, “Just throw it down!”

Which he did. It’s now on the balcony of someone on the fifth floor. Oh well!

7 thoughts on “ADD Hell

  1. lost your laptop? serious bummer. Is there a Starbucks at the Omni Shoreham? would you like to meet there in the late afternoon? 5 PM?

  2. Susie, I hope things start looking up for you real soon. I’ve done some business traveling and know how stressful it can be even when things work according to plan. I hope that nothing negative results from the loss of the laptop.

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