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  1. There’s clearly a growing recognition among many progressives generally that devotion to the Democratic Party not only fails to promote, but actively undermines, their agenda

    I don’t think I’ve lost my devotion to the Democratic party, so much as to the leadership. Of course, it’s a Minnesota thing, what with the DFL. (Not dirty fucking liberals – Democratic Farmer Labor. Socialist from the get-go.)

  2. I’m reminded of my early years when, as a kid, I’ll never forget my daddy coming home (with a button on his shirt proclaiming “I LIKE IKE”) and proudly announcing that he’d voted for IKE—I mean THIS was a great day for my pops, musta’ been 1954, or so (don’t mince my years for prez. elections, thanxs). But, next thing I know, this dude Kennedy is running in ’60 and my daddy is all fucking happy to vote for the “otherside”. Ever damn since, it’s been vote for the Dems and they’ll set you free——————–what a crock of shit THAT’S turned out to be. Not there’s a better choice from the other side. Just saying….!

  3. Well, as soon as I started hearing that Lincoln was thwarting Obama’s agenda, I just wanted her to win. Now, I’m a liberal and I don’t like how Lincoln votes. But I do not trust the judgment of anyone who supported Obama – especially when it come to female candidates. I think misogyny fueled Obama’s campaign and supporting that yahoo was as stupid as supporting Bush.

    So, there will be votes they will get from long time Democratic voters when they use his name, and there will be votes they lose. It’ll be interesting to see how it balances out.

    And yes, I know he endorsed her.

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