Staying Home

Just made the mental decision not to go to Netroots Nation in Vegas. I really do enjoy it, but between the airfare, the hotel room and the travel stress, it wasn’t doable. In previous years, I got some assistance but I wasn’t eligible this year. (Last year, it was in Pittsburgh and I drove.)

This was complicated by the fact that I got invited to attend a two-day PTI training session for media spokespeople, held in the same hotel before the conference starts. I really wanted to go to that, but it’s just not working out.

So I’m not going to fight to make it work. And really, I feel a great sense of relief. It’s still difficult for me to get around (just those few days in D.C. really exhausted me) and I’m just as happy to be staying home.

That said, it really is a wonderful conference and if you’ve never been, do check it out. It’s a lot of fun to meet all those people you’ve been reading for years.

UPDATE: No, I’m not asking for contributions for this. Honestly, I’m happy to stay home.

One thought on “Staying Home

  1. Hey,

    We should drive cross country as Kerouacian Wobblies and crash the party, man. We could surf sofas of friends and relatives, blogging about this great land. We could get chased off of park benches, document the poor and destitute, the urban and rural decay, the kind hearted people we meet, the cops, the grifters, the whores, the politicians . . . but I repeat myself. When we get to Las Fuckin’ Vegas in my 1986 Volvo, we could interview everyone and ask all the big-fucking-deal Democrats we supported why they’re not doing jack shit for the unemployed, people like you and me.

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