5 thoughts on “God Bless Sheldon Whitehouse

  1. Wow, just when you are ready to just say F it to everybody in Washington. Someone goes and says what you think. But in the back of your mind, you know no one else is listening.

  2. I also love Whitehouse. I guess. My trust gene has been abused so much that I’m not so sure any more. I sometimes think that everything that happens in Washington D.C. is part of a reality show with script-writers. Is that what we call kabuki?

  3. Ya know, I like where Whitehouse is coming from, but what I want to know is: When the fuck is somebody—anybody—gonna go to jail and the goddamned Justice Department won’t know what it did with the key! We’ve heard all the populist and fancy talk before, and nothing has happened. Our former VP—-strangely silent over this tragedy— who ought to be cooling out with the other biggest crook in the world—hasn’t and WON’T do a fucking day behind bars. So, bravo Whithouse for the words, but I ain’t convinced they mean a motherfucking thing to corporate DC. Cute wallpaper, though.

  4. He could, and probably should, give virtually the same speech about the Fed and the current Catfood Commission.

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