Speaking of Unions

I remembered this morning that Andy Stern, former president of the SEIU, came to Netroots Nation two years ago and talked about plans for a national freelancers union for contract workers.

And because, frankly, the only political speeches I really want to hear are coming from the union movement, I was thinking there should be a way for liberals to show their support for union causes through affiliating with the unions — maybe through an associate membership of some kind that would possibly even allow you to buy into their health care plan.

So I got on the phone with a friend who works for the SEIU, she said she’d been thinking along similar lines and she’s promised to pursue it.

What do you think? Is it something you’d support?

7 thoughts on “Speaking of Unions

  1. There is a sort-of union for graphic artists called the Graphic Artists Guild, which provides legal support, and has had health insurance available. I think they are somewhat too small to really provide the support needed. http://www.graphicartistsguild.org/

  2. There are a lot of office workers who aren’t covered by unions; if they could become affiliate members and get a benefit like health care, it think it would be something they would consider. I would.

  3. Membership and health insurance, check and check! We don’t do collective bargaining (doesn’t really work with freelancers…) but we’re all about solidarity and workers’ rights.

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