The only way I can think of to stay sane about the November elections is to find some real liberals and do write-in campaigns. Put up or shut up, mes amis.

Because putting in enough liberal independents (like Bernie Sanders) is the only way I can think of to reign in the excesses of power from both parties. They’d have to make concessions to win their votes — in other words, we have to build our own version of a parlimentary system.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this too. Unfortunately, in Nevada, write-ins are not allowed, so we’ve got to learn the election system inside and out. Know dates, filing requirements, etc. An Independent (unaffiliated) faces an uphill struggle to get on the ballot, but it can be done. I need to keep thinking about this, research it, get it down on paper, organize and inform. I can’t do legacy parties any more. I just can’t.

  2. And in what magical land of unicorns and sparkly vampires would these “write in independent liberals” have anything more than a snocone’s chance in Texas of doing anything other than insuring the election of yet another Right Wing troglodyte? Assuming they ever even magically qualified for the ballot? Seriously? Can you name ten congressional districts in the entire country where this would work? Can you name five? I don’t like Democratic sell-outs either, but this idea is a ludicrous fantasy.

  3. Let’s see: The Democrats aren’t extending unemployment benefits in a horrible recession, they’re going after Medicare and Social Security, they’re gutting public education, and they’re getting us deeper into Afghanistan. How different would it be if the Republicans won? Granted, some differences – but at what point do we decide to fight back – and how? Got any better ideas on how to make Democrats vote like Democrats?

  4. Yes, yes, the Republicans are EXACTLY like the Democrats. There would be no difference whatsoever if Sarah Palin were president, Joe Barton was Speaker of the House and James Inhofe was Senate Majority leader. That is PRECISELY the kind of thinking that got us George W. Bush in the first place. If you want better Democrats, do the same thing the Religious Right did with the GOP: take it over. Get organized at the precinct level, elect delegates to state conventions and national conventions, and support better Democrats in the primaries (which worked in Pennsylvania and nearly worked in Arkansas). And even if the Democrat is not 100% to your liking, work like Hell to get them elected too then lean on them. Better to have an 80% (or even a 51%) progressive Democrat than a 0% Republican.

  5. oh, thank you for enlightening me (and completely missing the point)! I’ve only been working in political campaigns since I was 15, and have been a paid senior staffer on a $15 million campaign. I’ve also been a member of DFA and raising money for progressive candidates for the past eight years — but until you came along, IT NEVER EVEN OCCURRED TO ME that we should, you know, GET ORGANIZED!!!

    THANK YOU for sharing your immense practical wisdom and letting me know that my own experience and judgment is completely beside the point.

  6. I’m with you Susie & Blue Lyon — I’m so sick of pretty speeches followed by shitty votes, I could puke. And even the speeches aren’t so pretty anymore.

    But, it’s not the organizing I’m worried about. It’s the trust issue. How can we tell who will be good/strong/powerful/trust-worthy after winning the election? Lately it seems that one dinner at the WH is all it takes to change everything.

  7. Even Bernie Sanders caved on the public option, and ended up saying the health care reform bill was just dandy, and all senators should vote for it.

    There’s nobody we can trust.

    Carolyn Kay

  8. That’s why I don’t think running candidates will change much. Lobbying them intensely on our issues (you know, with actual lobbyists?) would be more productive, I think.

  9. Now, I really like the lobbyist idea. How do we form an organization to hire them? Would it be a Netroots thing? Or something else?

  10. I once started an organization called Buy Back Our Government to raise money to run candidates, lobby, provide pressure, and support media that stood up for we the people.

    I could never get the backing of the people who could have helped make it work.

    Carolyn Kay

  11. No need for the indignation and condescension in your post at #5 Susie. Old Crank had it precisely right in post #2. What you suggested in your post is fantasy and a pretty pointless exercise.

    How different would it be if the Republicans won?

    Old Crank is also right about this type of thinking. I’ve posted similar commentary here regarding the short memory of you and some commenters regarding the “how much worse could it be” meme. Utterly ridiculous. You may not like Obama but he’s a damn sight better than W by virtually every measure. Certainly not as good as you or I may have wanted, but significantly better.

    As for lobbyists, they cost serious money. It’s an interesting thought but I’m skeptical regarding its feasibility. I would prefer lobbying to end lobbying (oh the irony!) and make campaigns publicly funded while eliminating corporate personhood. Until that happens, we are just wasting time.

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