Latest from the Catfood Commission

FDL has been doing great work on covering this, with Alan Lawson from Social Security Works waiting outside the meeting room with a camera (be sure to read his entire exchange with Alan “Grandpa” Simpson).

And after you’ve read it, notice that the same people who are complaining about not enough money coming in to pay for Social Security are the same ones voting against jobs programs — you know, where people pay Social Security taxes? Funny, huh?

4 thoughts on “Latest from the Catfood Commission

  1. no they are balancing tax cuts for the wealthy on the backs of the poor and elderly.

  2. Well, I don’t consider myself one of the “lesser people” or society (and don’t think anyone is), but my wife and I would be completely screwed without our Social Security benefits. Talk of reducing them is the purest kind of evil there is, especially since we paid into the fund for decades.

    There are so many ways to fix this without reducing benefits. These people are the vilest of the vile.

  3. Simpson’s contempt for the “lesser people” oozes out of every word he says in his conversation about Social Security. Obama appointed him, none the less. these Savvy Businessmen, Obama speaks so highly of.

    so Savvy at screwing the “lesser people” in the name/game of “protecting them.” Vidkin Quisling is what these people amount to, those like Simpson with their “help” for these “lesser people.”

  4. He’s one of the ones the phrase “crusty old bastard” was invented for.


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