5 thoughts on “Hanging The Unemployed Out To Dry

  1. horrible news.

    one of the worst structural problems in the US is this instinct to let everything fall to shit before doing anything about it.

    it’s even worse now. i can’t believe I’m citing Larry fuckin’ Mendte, but he nailed it in his father’s day column:

    My father was from a generation dubbed as the greatest. It was steeled in depression and a war against tyranny. It left the world a better place for those who followed.

    I come from a group dubbed “the me generation,” living for the now and not the future. We recently avoided a depression by borrowing from the future.

    Avoiding problems rather than dealing with them is what we do best.

    Social Security, immigration, clean energy, the deficit, Wall Street reform, the list of problems that we have avoided, leaving them instead to our children, is long…

    In the current crop of candidates running for office, I see none willing to do the hard things. All are more than willing to put political party and themselves over what is good for our children. We are still the me generation, and I fear the nation’s problems will not be dealt with until we move on into history.

    and you see it again and again: politicians who talk about courage, but put their own jobs ahead of doing right by their constituents.
    Nothing will change until there are breadlines, riots in the streets, and the threat of revolution.

  2. The title should read: Republicans Hang the Economy and the Unemployed Out to Dry and Democratic Leaders Do Nothing About It.

    The rules were changed to permit this obstruction, and they can be changed to break through it. If there was ever a time to throw political expediency out the window, this is it. If the Democrats can’t do anything if we help them win, there there is no reason not to stay home and let them lose. Evil and the lesser evil is still evil.

  3. I say fuck em all!!!! Either this is an insidious plot to decrease illegal immigrants, or it is an attempt to flat out thin the heard.

  4. Hey Larry Mendte is a good man and a GREAT writer. He made a mistake of judgement in a workplace fued. He admitted to it and took his ounishment which was MUCH harsher that any of us would have recieved. We should let him move on and appreciate him for his talent.

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