Why are they all lying to us?

US Coast Guard issued a press release claiming that no covering of oiled beach was occurring. I sat in my motel room in Orange Beach and watched as multiple pieces of heavy equipment excavated sand and hauled it up the beach and used it to cover oiled sections of beach.

While contractors drove bulldozers, front end loaders, screening tractors and various kinds of equipment on beaches known for Turtle nesting.

I watched them from about 11:00 P.M 07/02/10 until about lunch the next day excavating the beach under cover of darkness. There was a stand of ponded water with oil and so called “Tar Balls” which was covered with sand from another area.

U. S. Coast Guard issued a press release stating that this is not happening. USCG uniformed men sat in ATV buggies and watched. I saw them and photographed them.

Why is our Coast Guard playing toady to BP? Are they nothing more than oil lackeys?

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  1. a good friend of min from high school is a journalist in LA. I will start sending you his updates, of which I receive dozens every day.

    He says BP and the government are lying too, and thinks the charade is pathetic.

  2. When your government is owned by corporations, it will respond to corporate failures by covering up the problem, lying about it, and generally doing everything it can to protect the corporation as opposed to protecting the people it allegedly serves.

    This is not merely an environmental disaster, but a chilling picture of the way in which our government has failed.

  3. Of course they are playing toady, the whole thing most likely could have been ended weeks ago by blowing up the well and stopping the leak. But instead we have continued to allow it since blowing it up would seal the well and deny BP access to the oil. All the efforts have been about getting the oil not stopping the leak. Thus any proof of damage from the leak would be counter-productive and cannot be allowed.

  4. “Why is our Coast Guard playing toady to BP? Are they nothing more than oil lackeys?”
    This has been another edition of simple answers to simple questions.

  5. Check for informed discussions about stopping the leak.

    Blowing up the hole in the ground will not be easy, and is not guaranteed to stop the leak. In fact, it could make things worse.

  6. The Feds and BP are not letting us see the truth, or telling us the truth, because (IMHO) the disaster is so much worse than any of us non-scientist, non-specialist, non-experts can even imagine.

  7. It makes no sense, since after all the Gulf is dying and the results of that death will be plain enough in the next few years. The only reason I can think of for this behavior is that it’s (a) a knee-jerk reaction to keep BP and the government from getting any flak or having to pay more money or services, and/or (b) an action to kick the can down the road a bit, until the public has a chance to get comfortable with a dead Gulf of Mexico (the latest meme I’m hearing is that it’s a “natural disaster”). As Coloradoblue noted, the enormity of the disaster is just too much for me to wrap my head around, so I expect a lot of people who have other things to worry about feel the same way.

    Of course, if CNN or the NY Times wanted to make a show of it, if Anderson Cooper got himself arrested in front of the cameras, well, that would be a whole new ballgame. But my guess is that the media corporations have their marching orders as well.

  8. This is actually worse than Katrina. Sure, we had Blackwater in NOLA, but we didn’t have corporations suborning the government and censoring the press so that we couldn’t monitor the hurricane or know how high the water was rising!

  9. Susie asks:

    Yeah, but what are they covering up that’s worse than we already know?

    I like the giant methane leak through the crack in the earth’s crust, myself.

  10. lambert, we don’t know that BP is suborning the government. They may just be in happy collusion. Almost surely the local constables are rolling in dough right now. As for the press supression, well, it’s not unprecedented. Read The Great Influenza for a shocking account of Wilson’s censoring of the press during the epidemic.

    But yes, it’s far worse than Katrina, and it’s not anywhere close to over yet.

  11. Oooh, the methane leak–I forgot about that. Also the possibility of the seabed collapsing and unleashing who knows what kind of hell.

  12. If the seabed collapses, you’ll get an instant release of massive amounts of methane into the atmosphere. This might trigger Global Warming on a mass-extinction level scale, and is supposed to have happened at least once in the past (the Permian-Triassic extinction event). Google for “Clathrate Gun”

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