Tropical Tuesday

I dragged one of my friends out to a chain restaurant for dinner last night because it was 103 degrees out and my air-conditioner was under-performing. “Come on, I need to go someplace where I’m cold,” I said.

The girls who showed us to our table were bitching because it was Tropical Tuesday, and they had to wear Hawaiian shirts with grass skirts – but they had to buy the shirts out of their own money, which really sucked. (Imagine!) I would have said something to the manager, but I didn’t want those girls to lose their jobs.

Anyway, because it was so damned hot out, I decided to treat myself to a strawberry margarita. (I liked that one so much, I had another one.) Imagine my surprise when I discovered they were $7.99 each! (Told you I rarely drink.)

It was nice to be cold, if only for an hour. Back to the oven today!

5 thoughts on “Tropical Tuesday

  1. I find it rather curious that a lot of restaurants in the US do *not* print their prices for mixed drinks, in some cases even any kind of alcohol.

    Or does this fall under the “if you have to ask, you cannot afford it” category? 😉

  2. And take plenty of cold baths. Don’t get your hair wet because then you have to dry it and that doesn’t work well. Put your hair up and climb in the tub with a good book.

  3. it’s pretty much standard practice now for employees to have to buy their own uniforms. just sayin’.

    broke down and bought the a/c but not sure i can get it installed. waiting on the expert contractor friend to get here and look at it.

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