Ponies for Everyone

So here’s this Huffington Post story that has the Hill in a tizzy, all about the massive amounts of money the Republicans plan to spend to win the mid-terms this year, and this paragraph in particular jumped out:

While it’s anticipated that both parties will be able to maintain approximate parity in the amount of money they can spend on congressional races, top strategists are resigned to the likelihood that Democratic interest groups won’t match their Republican counterparts. So far this cycle, the activist base — personified by groups like MoveOn.org — has been motivated by issue-advocacy and primary challenges, not the Democratic Party’s well being.

Au contraire, mes amis! We are absolutely motivated by the Democratic Party’s well-being. In fact, we are so concerned, we’ve been staging interventions in order to stop the party from shooting that corporate crack right into their veins.

To hear the party bigwigs speak, you’d think there had never been a netroots movement that put Howard Dean in charge of the DNC, and thus created the 50-state strategy that put the Democrats in the position where they even have control of the House and Senate to worry about losing!

What did it mean when the brand-new administration put Tim Kaine in charge of the DNC, and offered Howard Dean not a thing as reward for his faithful service? It meant that the Beltway “grownups” were in charge now, and that they thought they could handle things just fine by ingesting that corporate crack.

How’s that working for ya, fellas?

If you read the article, you’ll see they’re complaining that unions spent money on primary challenges — without even considering the fact that unions were fighting anti-union Blue Dogs. (As Rich Trumka pointed out, why do the Democrats assume that money would go to them?)

You’ll notice that the netroots are still funneling large sums of money to candidates who actually represent the people’s agenda — and not that of Wall Street and multinational corporations.

You’d think that maybe, just maybe, someone would figure out how to Connect. Those. Dots.

I wish I could give the Democrats money. I wish they showed leadership, I wish they inspired me. I wish I could enthusiastically recommend them to my friends.

And I wish they could come up with a selling point other than “we’re not quite as bad as the other guys.”

And ponies, too! Ponies for everyone!

4 thoughts on “Ponies for Everyone

  1. “motivated by issue-advocacy and primary challenges, not the Democratic Party’s well being.” Support The Party, right or wrong! Tribalism. Okay…

    My tribe is Gaia.

  2. The Ds need to die, just like the Whigs. Nobody said political parties were forever.

    Possibly so.
    But even more so, the R’s need to die and decompose. Thay have been destroying the country far more than the D’s.

  3. Did you forget? Rahmbo is singlehandedly responsible for the D takeover of the house and senate. Dean? Who was that?

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