9 thoughts on “The Milk of Human Kindness

  1. Lemonade stands are usually for profit, at least the ones my kids set up, but who says they have to be? I think it says more about the columnist than our country that he would extrapolate anything from this before asking the most obvious of questions.

    Why were they giving away lemonade?

  2. It’s not that they don’t recognize a good deed when they see it. It’s simply that they see that “good deed” as weakness, a weakness that will lead to “failure” in the “real world.”

    When your life revolves around making as much money as possible, giving away lemonade is a cardinal sin.

  3. Shorter:
    “everyone should refuse to accept free stuff!”, said Terry Savage, giving her free advice.

  4. As one of the blog commenters said, this alleged event never happened. Savage simply made it up in order to have something to complain about.

    But back to the main point — anyone who reacts like Savage did is seriously screwed up in the head and in the heart.

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