4 thoughts on “A Real Democrat

  1. Excuse me Susie, but Carolyn Maloney was recently widowed when her Goldman-Sachs husband chose to die on a mountain in Tibet.

    How the pair of them ever persuaded Queens, New York, to vote for her is a complete mystery to me.

    Are you backing her now?


  2. Rep. Maloney’s district — the 14th — straddles the East Side of Manhattan and a chunk of western Queens.
    A map of it (from her Congressional website):
    The East Side area of the 14th was once called the Silk Stocking district when it solely a Manhattan district. The Queens section used to be part of the former 9th CD. Both areas though are old Democratic strongholds, although back when the 9th was the 9th, J. Delaney usually ran on both the Democratic and Republican lines.

  3. Saujani would be even more in the pocket of Wall Street. She doesn’t need corporate money because her individual donors are the head of corporations/hedge funds, etc. (I recognize any number of names are big donors to non-profits in NYC — the people who can write personal checks for, oh, $25,000 a pop with no problem.) Among her backers are some of the people who were trying to get Harold Ford to run against Kirsten Gillibrand. Too bad I no longer live in the 14th, I’d vote for Maloney in the primary.

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