A Wet Heat

The new air conditioner arrived this morning. I put it together and slid it into the window frame (yes, I know my back will pay for it later). And thank God, just in time.

Because even though the “heat” wave has officially broken, it’s now so humid that 81 degrees feels like 100. So I’m very grateful to everyone who chipped in. Thank you, a million thank yous. (And thanks to those who couldn’t contribute, but felt my pain. And panic.)

Not only that, this was the first time in a very long time I didn’t wake up feeling like crap. (This happened last summer, too, as I recall.) Until today, I would wake up every day with pounding sinuses, sore throat and blurry vision. Today, not only did nothing hurt, I could see as soon as I woke up!

So whatever was wrong with that air conditioner, I’m really happy it’s gone. But spread the news, because if anyone else is having these symptoms, you need to check your AC.

Just as a point of interest: I still can’t figure out if this was made in America (Gibson, made by Frigidaire). Neither could the saleswoman in the appliance store.

2 thoughts on “A Wet Heat

  1. Hooray! and enjoy…

    Although I *was* sorta hoping that the usual Loki-trickery would work, and the heat wave would break as soon as you got your new a/c. We need rain! Everyone wash their car!

    Oh well, Loki must just be too busy on his consulting gig with Palin.

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