4 thoughts on “Oakland Verdict

  1. Yeah, I grew up in the city, too, but being black while growing up in the city can be significantly more hazardous than one might imagine.

  2. While the degree of bullshit you were subjected to was probably a lot worse, I did have two brothers who were rather regularly picked up and harrassed by the cops. One of them was beaten so badly, it almost killed him.

  3. The cop is done being a cop.
    The kind of near-epileptic lack of situational awareness that made him draw his pistol and shoot that kid point-blank in the back instead of tasing him is too huge a liability to risk, even for a rent-a-cop or security gig. {Remember that Melvin Purvis, the guy that got Dillinger after all kinds of bloody collateral damage, took his own life (so the story goes) in the end.} The tell-tale heart never stops beating for these people…

  4. Justice is opening a civil rights investigation now.
    Here’s more about the killed and the killer:

    Oscar was drunk and hopped up on fentanyl the night he was shot and had been to prison several times for various felonies after a distinguished career at a few Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets.
    Johannes became a father the day after the killing. He has been forced to move several times because of death threats, as have his parents. His die are probably cast at this point…
    Video of the murder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZTbJH6BNaU&feature=related
    [Shooting at 1:26 into it.]

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