3 thoughts on “Ben Nelson

  1. As in “Let’s Make A Deal” Door no 1 -some form of bribery, Door no 2 – some form of threat and Door no 3–he’s planning on retiring.

  2. Here’s Nelson on unemployment benefits ‘Emergency Funding’ status:
    “Nelson doesn’t think unemployment benefits deserve the “emergency spending” designation, which would exempt them from pay-as-you-go rules, because he doesn’t buy the notion that the current jobs crisis is an emergency. “It’s not like a hurricane loss, or a drought, or something that’s typically referred to as an ‘act of God’ outside the control of the government,” he said.”

    Someone ought to inform him that this unemployment disaster is INDEED an ‘act of god’… Ask Mr. Goldman ‘I’m doing God’s work’ Sachs himself:

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