Orszag’s Successor

Yeah, that’s what we’re afraid of:

Will this new guy make nerds cool, too? President Obama has chosen Peter Orszag’s successor at the Office of Management and Budget—Jacob Lew, who held the job under President Clinton. Since leaving the Clinton administration in 2001, Lew has worked at New York University and a Citigroup hedge fund. “At a time when so many families are tightening their belts, he’s going to make sure the government continues to tighten its own,” President Obama said in announcing his selection.

Here’s some background.

3 thoughts on “Orszag’s Successor

  1. I often wonder if Obama knows of any talent other than the same old Washington insiders from the Clinton years—-isn’t there any new blood out there that knows how to play the game?

  2. There aren’t many Democrats of that level who didn’t work for Clinton. He’s the only Democratic president we had for a long time.

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