The Sadness, It Burns

You know, it’s sort of funny. The Wall Street Journal is just beside itself over the plight of millionaires and billionaires trying to stay alive just so their heirs won’t be left with an estate tax bill…

And yet, I’ve never heard them shed a tear over the fact that ailing seniors must sell their homes and spend every penny they have to get into a nursing home, often leaving nothing for their survivors.

Funny, huh?

One thought on “The Sadness, It Burns

  1. Actually, it looks as though the Wall Street Journal is worried about billionaires trying to stay alive through 12/31/2010 because if their heirs knock them off during the calendar year there won’t be any estate tax due.

    Of course, they’re not putting it quite that way … if the estate tax isn’t zeroed out forever, the Journal says, their creme de la creme readership may go on a patricidal spree during this happy interlude, and like Glenn Beck, the editors just realllllllly want the younger rich generation to play nice, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

    I guess they’d know.

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