Closer to the Edge

As you know, I’m one of those 99ers. As you also know if you read this blog, the unemployment extension expected to be passed this week doesn’t apply to me, or people like me. So if you can, please throw a few bucks in the tip jar.

Don’t give me money you need to stay afloat yourself. But if you can spare it, any donations are greatly appreciated.

And if you have anything more to spare, drop off some groceries to your local food bank. They’re really hurting.

12 thoughts on “Closer to the Edge

  1. $300 on or before 7/22 from B of A. Confirmation Number: BD6NN-0X0W3.

    If it hasn’t arrived before 7/24, send a message to my email. I have been able to force them to cut a same day check when a check arrived a lot later than it should have.

    Thank you so much for what you do. Don’t get desperate. I cannot afford to support you in the US, but I should be able to carry you for a couple of years where I am.

  2. A bit from me, too. I’ll try to drop something regularly.

    What’s the deal with the petition thing again?

  3. The dems just swore someone in today that’s supposed to be able to crack the fillybustier. Help is on the way!
    CHANGE is coming!

  4. Junior senator from West Virginia in the fight now.
    Byrd’s replacer.

  5. My son is not exactly a 99er. I don’t know for sure what happened. He was laid off in March 09 from his oil rig job. Around June 1st he lost his UI, after about 60 weeks. He was living in OK, had to move home with me in CO. I thought he had at least 6 months left (2 tiers). I guess that was because of Congress? I wonder if he will get it reinstated now. I guess he will find out.

  6. Mine ran out at 72 weeks. You’re covered “up to” 99 weeks. But if you were making enough money that you were paid at the top of the scale, you run out sooner.

  7. Susie “But if you were making enough money that you were paid at the top of the scale, you run out sooner.”
    That’s probably it. He was making over $100,000/year. But going from that to <$15,000 to $0 is s jolt.

  8. Should arrive by 7/26, please, let me know if it does not arrive on time.
    Good luck on the unemployment bills. Keep my email address, push comes to shove, I will get you fed.

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