11 thoughts on “Shell Game

  1. “$100,000”.

    seriously, and that’s actually MORE than i need. that would cover the student loan and my credit card debt, with plenty left over for a nice vacation and some car repairs. Frankly, even $65,000 would be enough.

    I live low on the hog. My house was cheap, i paid less than $2000 for my Subaru (still plugging away at 210,000 miles), and I never got too far along into the credit card debt trap (i used my tax refund to pay off two of them completely).

    So, know anyone with $65,000 to spare?

  2. …cus once that student loan’s out of the way, i am debt free (except for the house, and an affordable mortgage you’ve never been late on is good debt to have).

  3. honest, ethical politicians? honest, professional journalists?

    I know, I know. What unrealistic fantasies.

  4. What brendancalling said. Except I don’t even need that much. $25,000- $30,000 would get me out the hole and leave a little breathing room. I have become an expert on frugality the past couple of years. But my debt is holding me back big time. If I could get rid of that, I could handle just about anything.

  5. Peace in the world. More money would help, but in my case I earn enough to give some away.

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