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Big Tent Democrat:

From the inadequate stimulus of 2009, to the deficit “concerns” (see the catfood commission) of today (among many other issues), the flinching and cowering of the Obama Administration and the Dems has damaged the country and, ironically, the political fortunes of the Dems. The reflexive hippie punching, the constant refrain of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, the ever present concern of being labeled a gasp, liberal, has led to great suffering in the nation. Simply put, the Dems have not been up to the job. L’Affaire Sherrod has put a face to the cost of this attitude. I hope that the transcendence of this problem is recognized and addressed.

One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. BTD is getting awfully defensive these days. I stopped having much time for reading anything he has to say after he declared that he preferred Hillary but was going to back Obama anyway. Perhaps he just wanted to jump on the bandwagon? He was never able to give a rational explanation.

    He continues to ‘hope’ for something different from the Obama administration while (in comments) declaring irrelevant any discussion of intent and refusing to look at patterns of behavior. Not a pretty sight from someone so sharp.

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