Police In Charge

I can’t urge strongly enough that you attend meetings of your local police board. Whether you have councilmen, commissioners, etc., some of them are assigned to the police department. And they have to have public meetings.

Your town may even have a civilian oversight board. You should look into volunteering.

Because when citizens leave the police department to the cops and the politicians, you get stories like this.

2 thoughts on “Police In Charge

  1. Traffic stops are very dangerous, I have to wonder why an off-duty, out of uniform officer in what presumably is his personal vehicle, bothers with making the stop. Pick up the cell phone, call the station, and have one of the on-duty guys deal with it.

    Courts have consistently ruled that two-party consent applies to conversations where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. That privacy doesn’t exist here.

  2. new york state stopped doing traffic stops in unmarked cars years ago because rapists were doing just what that cop did.

    but suz – your example makes me want to show up even less – speaking out against police in a public forum is painting a target on my back. i know it’s not supposed to be like that, but it is.

    the privacy thing is bullshit but the cops are using it all over the country now. excuse me, public roads are not private! the cops record stops all the time w/o consent so what’s the diff? this should be tossed out of court but more likely it will end up with the supremes who will rule that only cops are entitled to “privacy” in the new u.s.a.

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