Classic Republican Mindset

Everything Democrats do is bad, except the one thing that benefits them!

Robert Allen, 62, an electrician with 25 years at GM, said he’d voted for Republican John McCain in 2008 and still didn’t consider himself an Obama supporter. He thinks there’s too much big government in the president’s policies, especially the health care overhaul.

However, Allen said the auto bailout was necessary. “It’s kept a lot of plants open,” he said.

3 thoughts on “Classic Republican Mindset

  1. Republican Mindset – self-centered stupidity or as rethugs and the corporate media like to refer to it ‘enlightened self interest.’

  2. Worse yet. Typical American auto-worker and, most likely, a paid up member of the UAW!

  3. What a doofus. If a policy benefits me, it’s OK. Policies that benefit others is wasteful. What a sockful of Reaganite bulldroppings. Unfortunately, that’s what the older union members are like in the U.S. Reagan and Bush turned them away from any concept of belonging to a working class and focused their attention on fear of the “other” (immigrants, Moslems, blacks, liberals). UAW workers had a house and two cars and a vacation cottage somewhere in Michigan and gradually said “screw ’em” to the other working people of the country. They wouldn’t know solidarity if it bit them in the ankle.

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