7 thoughts on “The Life

  1. Dutch, that’s a very good reason. But I don’t like bars much; prefer staying home and enjoying my space.

  2. Where are you all at?? I’m in Oakland…
    Any trip across country would be more expensive than my beer at the bar……hmm. Dilemma.
    Oh, and Dandy – go back to the bar! Haha.
    I go to the pub only at Happy Hour – as a 99’er the regular prices are just not reasonable anymore.

  3. i’m not unemployed, but when i was I would either buy beer by the case (cheaper than a bar) or make my own (cheaper than buying a case, essentially 2.5 cases for the price of one).

    they’re not at the bar because the bar’s too damn expensive!

  4. Out panhandling. Almost have a six pack. Nobody gives to old pharts, they think we should be at the all-you-can-eat buffet with our baggies, filling up for the week.

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