March on Washington, Oct. 2nd

For “The Change We Voted For.” Be there or be square!

August 5, 2010, WASHINGTON – The AFL-CIO executive committee voted unanimously this morning to join One Nation, Working Together, a new national coalition of labor and civil rights groups that has as its purpose to “reorder America’s priorities by investing in the nation’s most valuable resource – its people.”

The labor, civil rights, environmental, faith and other organizations that have formed the new coalition intend to replace unemployment and economic crisis faced by the country’s majority with “nothing less than a future of shared prosperity for all our people,” the AFL-CIO said in a statement after it voted to join One Nation.

“None of us alone have been able to achieve our priorities,” said Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.

One Nation’s first official act as a coalition will be a march on Washington on Oct. 2, which unions say will energize an army of tens of thousands who will return to their neighborhoods, churches, schools and voting booths to prevent a Republican takeover of Congress in November and begin building a new permanent coalition to fight for a progressive agenda.

4 thoughts on “March on Washington, Oct. 2nd

  1. I wish I could make it.

    Working together is the only thing that’s going to break the corporate stranglehold on our government.

    Carolyn Kay

    March on Washington End Unemployment in America
    I can prove that Progressive Democrats can have a LandSlide Victory in the 2010 election, if and only if, they promise to quickly ending unemployment in America by aggressive action to take back American off shored factory jobs through “Wage Protection Trade”. Watch my video or go to my web site for a link. There is a third choice in this election, which will give Progressives a LandSlide Victory.

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