The River Wild

I was reading an essay by Bernard Brown about river swimming in GRID, the local sustainable magazine, and was pleasantly surprised to learn there’s a study funded by the William Penn Foundation about a proposal to build a swimming pool in one of our local rivers, building a kind of basket that would safely contain swimmers. (Yes, our rivers are clean enough to swim in. It’s the currents that are the problem.)

Now they’re working with the city recreation department to make it happen.

I’ve always thought about something like this, except my idea was for nylon mesh dividers. (I assume it’ll hold up longer.)

Anyway, nice to know that innovation is still popping up around us.

3 thoughts on “The River Wild

  1. An interesting idea, but I wonder about how it would be cordoned off at the downstream end. I would think a loose mesh would just trap weaker swimmers against it in any kind of current. Something relatively rigid, though, angled with the current, might actually assist the person to stay at the top. But then the slots or whatever in any case would be an opportunity for someone to get a foot, leg lodged.

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