Pakistan Needs Help

The Pakistan relief effort has had nowhere near the success of aid for Haiti after its earthquake:

ISLAMABAD – The global aid response to the Pakistan floods has so far been much less generous than to other recent natural disasters — despite the soaring numbers of people affected and the prospect of more economic ruin in a country key to the fight against Islamist extremists.

Reasons include the relatively low death toll of 1,500, the slow onset of the flooding compared with more immediate and dramatic earthquakes or tsunamis, and a global “donor fatigue” — or at least a Pakistan fatigue.

If you would like to help, you can give at any the following sites [via Pakistani Perspective].

2 thoughts on “Pakistan Needs Help

  1. Wonder why? Maybe the rest of the world knows Pakistan is just another american state/territory thingy. Sad for the people.

  2. Sad for the people, yes. But I’m thinking that most Americans find sympathy hard to dredge up for a country recently alleged to be providing direct support to Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

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