5 thoughts on “Dems

  1. Fitting in with ones tribe is always more important than ones actual results. This is true for your relationship with folks at your job, your community, your family, your religious group, your social groups.

    Dean succeeded but said things that professional Dems (and corporatists) did not like. Kaine fails, but never says anything that ruffles the feathers of his tribe.

  2. And now Dean reportedly has joined hands with Palin and Gingrich in opposition to the Park51 islamic cultural center.

    I’m not sure why he thought he needed to jump into that mudwrestling bout.

  3. It seems that we are suffering from the old Chinese curse of May you live in interesting times.

  4. The Dems in Washington are Republican Lite. They’ve spent years in Congress watching the Repugs lap up all the corporate money, jealous of the attention and panting at the thought of having their chance at the corporate teat.

    Throw them all out, they don’t know or care how much suffering the base is enduring. They only smell the possible campaign dollars rolling in if they beg and rollover well enough. Damned if you do,,,,

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