Sugar, Sugar

I’ve been stepping back on the sugar and started by getting rid of the high-fructose corn syrup stuff. And you know what I’ve learned? I don’t crash when I have real sugar, only with the HFCS.

For instance: I can have pancakes with real maple syrup for breakfast, and it doesn’t make me want to crawl back in bed.

I can have a Stewart’s soda with pizza and my blood sugar doesn’t crash.

And most important, I can have ONE Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie without wanting to finish the entire package.

So I’d guess that HFCS is what drives a constant cycle of binge and crash. Interesting…

P.S.: Wawa chocolate milk is made with cane sugar. Yay, Wawa!

8 thoughts on “Sugar, Sugar

  1. Yep, I now find that on the rare occasion I do eat HFCS laden foods, those foods do not leave me satiated but hungry. Nasty stuff!

  2. The ten days or so I went without sugar and used honey or maple syrup instead were an eye-opener. I lost the markings on my tongue (geographic tongue, it’s called) and some stray, sub-clinical rashes disappeared.
    Of course all this meant I was forced to bake from scratch and suck down pancakes on sunday morning instead of purchased sweetrolls. Bummer, eh? Good thing I live in the Great North Woods, where maple syrup is plentiful.

  3. More research all the time to support your suppositions. Like climate change, I’m beginning to see TV adds discounting the effects of HFCS.

  4. Pancakes with real maple syrup is a lousy breakfast, from a health point of view. You might as well be eating Lucky Charms washed down with Coke.

    Try plain yogurt with fresh fruit-bananas are cheap!-stir in some Kellogg’s “Grape Nuts”….( don’t get me started on the “nuts” puns!) and you’ve got a halfway decent meal).

    Sweet enough for me!

  5. Except, Wobbly, Lucky Charms and Coke probably have high fructose corn syrup. Which is really bad for us.

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