3 thoughts on “I Forgot

  1. Duke Snider said of his teammates on the Brooklyn Dodgers that he and many others lived in the neighborhoods where the fans lived; some of the people in the stands were well known to the players.

  2. …………..yeah, and average, everyday joe’s could afford to take their kids to the ballpark without spending the freakin housenote!
    Nowadays: $10 bucks to park (at least), a party of 4 sitting in fairly descent seats where you won’t have to worry about a nosebleed: $120 bucks, 1 round of hotdogs for everyone, sodas, maybe some cotton candy for the kids, and hopefully a bag of chips:$50 bucks, 2 beers: $12 bucks. Grand total that I actually spent this summer going to a Braves game with the same number of folks: $280.00. Won’t happen again this year!

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