The one area in which I really hoped the Obama administration would make a difference was in the Israel-Palestine conflict — because these problems have a ripple effect in so many areas. This is a positive sign, one I hope will grow into some kind of peaceful solution:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to invite the Israelis and Palestinians Friday to hold peace talks in Washington in September, which would mark the first direct negotiations between the longtime enemies in almost two years, a senior administration official said.

The two sides are expected to agree to meet in the U.S. capital on Sept. 2, the official said. The PLO executive committee scheduled a special meeting Friday that is expected to formally approve the launching of the peace talks.

“The secretary of state this morning will invite the parties to begin direction negotiations,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity since the announcement had not yet been made. Clinton had an 11 a.m. appearance scheduled in the State Department briefing room.

President Obama was expected to attend the talks in September, Reuters reported.

3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. An interesting take on peace prospects here:


    It’s not just about Palestinians in the occupied territories, it’s also about Palestinian-Israelis inside Israel and the extreme discrimination they face. You don’t hear about this because, as the article states, the western media rarely touches it. I thought it was an interesting take because, getting all of my news from western media, I hadn’t heard about this before.

  2. Dan in CA — The aricle you linked to has an interesting example of the power of the state saying something may be legal but if the underisable other does it, they will pay a price.

    Gee, where have we heard things similar to that recently…?

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