Wednesday Songs

Romeo and Juliet, Dire Straits. “Oh yeah, Romeo/I used to have a thing with him.”
Always Something There To Remind Me, Dionne Warwick. One of the things that makes it harder for ADD people to recover after a relationship is the way our brains are wired. Literally everything reminds of us that person, it takes us much longer than regular people to get over it. You could look it up!
He’s so Fine, The Shirelles.
Golden, the amazing Jill Scott, my homegirl.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Songs

  1. Uh-Oh Suze, I think I’ve discovered something about the REAL you, i.e., I think I may finally know something about you that no one else on your blog has uncovered: (Cue the old “Dragnet” series theme music——————dum, da, dum-dum, duuuum)……….and it’s ok if you want to call me psychic, but I really do feel a new romantic relationship on the horizon for you. I mean, heck, just look at the durn music you’ve played of late: “Romeo and Juliet” and “He’s So Fine”, etc., and etc.

    Am I right? Yep, course I am. So now Suze, you can tell Johnny to tell me what I’ve won……………………………………!!!!

  2. Never heard of an ADD criterion that pertained to random emotional associations. Sounds more like DSM-wrapped-in-a-plastic-tarp-gone-sweat-lodging to me.

    But if you think of Romeo, whether it’s Air Supply or some grunge metal off the Matrix Soundtrack playing, *but* it’s always and only in the *car*, it’s probably something subliminal. 🙂

    OTOH, If you’re going to run w an ADD stereotype, wouldn’t the attention deficit be more likely to manifest as Quick to Get Over? As in, “Oh well, Romeo’s gone. Ooooh look, Shiny!” 😉

  3. My brother’s a lawyer working on death penalty cases down in Durham, N.C.

    His cell-phone ring-tone is actually the “Dragnet” theme.
    He sometimes forgets to turn it off in court. The judges disapprove, and his death-row clients maybe lose a little ground?

    I still don’t get why anyone would even want a cell phone???
    I got a land line and an answering machine. Thanks to the answering machine, I screen my calls. My parents, and I, used to rush to the phone in the ’50’s, ’60’s, jeez ’70’s and beyond.

    For what? Telemarketers? Wrong numbers? 90% of the time, that was the case.

    Throw the cell phones away.

    Nobody has a deep seated need to yak 24/7 and spend lots of money for idiocy.

  4. right on, wobbly. i have a pacemaker/defribillator implant, and a daughter and her husband finally got me a little basic cricket that i am to use in case of emergency. i use it mainly as a watch and rarely answer it. i’m perfectly happy with my magic jack, and gave up the land line 2 yrs ago.

    my response was what, after the damn old defribillator knocks my ass across the room, you think i’m gonna be able to punch in 911?

    honest brats, the answer was duh, never thought about that. but still.

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