This just out

GOP hypocrite Ken Mehlman, the modern-day Roy Cohn.

If Mehlman didn’t fan the flames of fear and hatred of homosexuals and homosexuality as Bush’s campaign manager and do nothing to soften the GOP’s position on gay issues as RNC chairman, this wouldn’t be news and I certainly wouldn’t post about it.

But he did. So I am.

Republicans have no principles. Everything they do is for their own personal gain. Remember that.

3 thoughts on “This just out

  1. Most of the politicians in D.C. are guilty of this now as a result of the corporate/lobbyist takeover. They regularly sell us out (and several generations of our progeny too with the debt they’ve taken on “in our name”) for political, monetary, ego-boosting, and access to “the elite” personal gain (promised jobs, etc. after political career is over). How to stop it is the current problem of “democracy”.

  2. Republicans have no principles.

    Muslims are terrorists….

    Same stereotyping statement…


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