Please Don’t Feed the Trolls

I’m going to be largely offline for the weekend, as there’s a wedding to attend (no, not my own).

Anyway, I’m sure Dr. S. and others will be helping to take up the slack, and I’ll have a few posts coming up when I return.

in my absence, please don’t feed the trolls. You can sometimes forget which people are reasonable human beings and which are complete fucking fruitcakes who can’t even keep track of their multiple personalities.

And now, Gene Vincent!

2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Feed the Trolls

  1. Enjoy, have a good time.

    And *I* certainly wouldn’t want any trolls in my absinthe either.

  2. Hmmmmm

    I thought we all were against eliminationist speech that reduces people to animals or the like??

    Oh wait… You can’t be referring to me because we have established that I am not a troll.. 😀

    Never miiiindd 😀


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