What I Did On My Summer Vacation

It rained for the first three days, so mostly I read and watched a lot of DVDs (including a pretty bad Robert Downey Jr. one called “Restoration,” which you may safely leave off your list of movies to see before you die.) My last night there, watched “On The Waterfront.” There’s a reason Marlon Brando is a legend. And I finally got through the first season of “American Dreams,” which I got last Christmas, I think.

My friend Michael drive up from D.C. to visit. He called before he left and asked me what I forgot to bring. (He knows me so well.) I told him I forgot to bring my laptop — although there’s no internet connection, I had my tunes on there — and that I would kill for a shower cap.

Turns out he went to three different stores to try to find a shower cap — now, that’s a good friend. He also brought along a portable speaker for my iPhone, which solved the music problem.

We finally had a couple of good beach days at the end of the week, so I got to go swimming.

Mostly, I discovered that it’s still possible for me to do one thing at a time. And that my arms hurt just as bad as if I’d never gone away at all. Oh well!

P.S. Michael brought his iPad and got me addicted to Angry Birds.

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