Red Bull Flutag

Please note: An estimated 85,000 people turned out to see this event — about the same number that turned out for a certain media clown’s recent Washington rally:

A few lucky Philadelphia-area residents went for a swim in the Delaware river this weekend. Philadelphians were not re-creating their favorite Seinfeld moments, they were competing in the 2010 Red Bull Flutag (Flutag is German for “flying day”). Why would someone want to crash a crude vehicle into the water? Most participants just said “why not.” The Philadelphia and Camden hosted event attracted over 85,000 people hoping to see a few maritime disasters—they were not disappointed.

A significant amount of time and money goes into creating the floats. After speaking with several of the participants, the cost ranges from a few hundred (because they already had tools and materials) to several thousand. All of the competitors said it took between 300 – 400 hours to make their crafts; quite an effort for a 30-second one-way trip.

The weather created some drama due to Hurricane Earl. Thanks to Earl’s strong winds, the competitors and the crowd waited for the officials to green-light the flutags to take flight (the event was delayed about 40 minutes). Once the winds and river currents calmed, 32 competitors managed to get their hard work into the waters of the Delaware. The “Giant Flying Llama” team took the top prize by flying 36 ft. which was impressive considering the massive crosswind. The “5 Guys 1 Clock” team took the coveted People’s Choice award for their odd cuckoo clock theme.

4 thoughts on “Red Bull Flutag

  1. Laughed so hard I was crying and had to watch the clip a few times. It was great. Humans are so creative. I’m sure each of the participants had much pleasure planing, designing, building their crafts and then plunging into the river.

  2. what I don’t get is why Drexel engineering, Penn, et al enter some things that actually fly?!?!?!

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